Diana Ward, Office Manager
​Diana Ward was born and raised in Nogales, AZ and lives in Rio Rico. She worked in an accounting department in the produce industry for 10 years. She enjoys her work at The Clinic business office. “It’s rewarding what is done for the children. It all pays off at the end of the day!”
María Luz “Coca” Romero, Patient Coordinator
​Coca Romero has been the Patient Coordinator since the beginning of The Clinic. Her job is to screen patients for admission to the Clinic, facilitate transportation of patients and family members to the Clinic and other health facilities, work with Immigration to facilitate crossing documents for those without Visas, coordinate activities on Clinic day, and interact with doctors and health professionals and agencies that can help the Clinic children. Her telephone rings day and night with calls from parents desperate to find health care for their children. Her days are long and tiring, but she is quick to say, “I do this for the children.” Recently, Coca received Mexico’s prestigious Ohtli award. CLICK HERE to read more about this award and Coca’s work.

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Our Clinic Staff

Laura Romero, Executive Directory
​Laura grew up with The Clinic because her mother is our Patient Coordinator. At age 7 or 8, Laura was fielding telephone calls from parents calling to get appointments at The Clinic for their children. She spent a summer working in the office of St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic and learning about The Clinic from a different perspective. Laura attended Universidad del Noreste in Hermosillo, majoring in Law. She worked 5 years as office manager for Green Valley Assistance Services. Laura has specialized training in non-profit accounting. “I am passionate about helping the mothers of our patients and giving them hope for their children. The mothers are angels.” 
Yadelle Valdez
​Yadelle is the Office Assistant and probably the first person you will meet when you come to the Business Office in Green Valley. Yadelle is a student at Pima Community College and would like to be a forensic scientist. She lives in Sahuarita. “I love helping the patients in whatever I can.”