Cleft Palate Mission

Sebastian, in 2009 before cleft lip
surgery (left); he had cleft palate
surgery in 2010; Sebastian at age 3 in
2012 (right).

Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Patients.

Angel Emiliano (8 months)
At only 8 months old, Angel and his mother came to CIMA Hospital to hopefully recive the surgery they so despretly have been seeking. Thankfully, with the go ahead from CSI, Angel received his surgery on October 14, 2018 and was released from the hospital on October 15, 2018 but not without thanking his surgeron Dr. Fritz and volunteer daughter Ava Fritz.
Ana, in 2010 before cleft lip surgery,
and in 2011 at age 1 year, 2
Emilio, in 2008 before cleft lip
sugery(left); he had cleft palate
surgery in 2009; Emilio at age 6 in 2012
Santiago Zavala Castro
(7 Months) Santiago from Caborca, Sonora received his 1st surgery on October 15, 20108 by Dr. Roby.