Physical Therapy
​Physical therapists work with children who have a variety of neuro-motor disorders including cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, seizure disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, and developmental delays. Utilizing therapeutic exercise techniques, we work to improve the children’s motor functioning in the areas of balance, coordination, movement, and mobility. An important part of our therapy is to train parents in a home therapy program that can be incorporated into their daily routine. Positioning and handling strategies are shared to help maximize the child’s functional abilities. In addition, we help families obtain therapeutic equipment; such as, walkers, therapeutic strollers, and wheel chairs to aid in the child's mobility and home care.
Current Staff
​Jill Martindale, PT, Department Head
Nanette Burnett, PT
Annie Dietrich, PT
Emily Gaylord, PT
Barbara Sinclair, PT
Current Staff
​Roxanna Holguin, MS, CCC/SLP, Department Head
Oscar Rocha, SLT
Manuel A. Rocha, SLT
Elexa Rojas, SLT
Miriam Mabante, SLPA
Zoila Perez,SLPA
Suggested Donations
​$250 for refurbished Braille writer
Used children’s eye glasses
​Patients include children with severe vision loss or blindness and children whose parents want to be sure of their child’s diagnosis. Patients include those having difficulty seeing the board, textbook, television, etc.
Children are examined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist who provides a prescription for glasses if needed. Our optician works with child and family to select an appropriate frame and takes measurements.
Some children have very complex situations and need to be referred so they are examined in an office or under anesthesia. We have provided prosthetics to children who have lost an eye due to disease or injury.
Volunteers trained in education of children with visual impairments work with children whose vision loss is so severe they need to learn alternative methods for learning. This many include Braille reading/writing and use of adaptive devices for the totally blind. Children with some usable vision may be assisted with devices; such as, special low vision aids or voice output devices. Children who have degenerative diseases are assisted in making transition from using regular print materials to enlarged print and/or Braille. Children may receive Braillewriters and other necessary equipment, all provided free of charge by The Clinic. All children receiving educational services are evaluated to see if they can travel safely and, if necessary, receive a “white cane” and instruction in orientation and mobility.
A volunteer counselor sees children having emotional or behavior difficulties related to severe visual loss. The counselor also works with families struggling with news of no cure for their child’s eye condition.
Suggested Donations
​$500-1,000 for dental/orthodontic work for one child
$1,000 cleft lip/cleft palate surgery for one childX
Simple picture books in Spanish
Spiral notebooks, stickers and pens for children’s
homework assignments
Small mirrors and small toys/prizes for homework rewards
Suggested Donations
​Physical therapy (exercise) balls (45 cm & 55 cm)
Physio rolls “Peanut balls” (30 cm & 40 cm)
$1000-1,500 to purchase therapeutic “stroller” chairs
$1000-1,500 for wheel chair adaptations/modifications
$300 to purchase walkers/ambulation devices


Current Staff
​Lynne Albright, EdD, Department Head and Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Susanne Maya, Licensed Dispensing Optician
Kathleen Allen, PhD, Certified School Psychologist
Chuck Chapman, MEd, Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Bill Hawkins, EdD, Certified Orientations and Mobility Specialist
Lupita Hernandez, MEd, Cross Categorical Special Education, Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Connie Matusoff, MA in Special Education/Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Karen Mulholland, MEd, Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Penny Rosenblum, PhD, Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Sandra Reino, MEd in Early Childhood, Certified Orientation and Mobility
Amy L. Davis, OD
Richard Lewis, MD
Carol A. Schulte, OD
All of our health care staff volunteer their time—many take a day off from their practice to volunteer at The Clinic. Others are retired and give up a day of retirement activities. Many have been volunteering for a number of years. All are dedicated to providing quality care to our patients despite our often limited resources. Most come every month, but a few specialties are staffed every 3-4 months. By following the links below, you can learn more about each health care department, the staff, and needs of the department.
Speech and Language Therapy
The Speech and Language Therapy Department works to improve the articulation and language skills of children who come to The Clinic. The therapists treat children with cleft palate/cleft lip situations and identify which clients need to be put on the surgery list for surgeries conducted at the Annual Cleft Palate/Cleft Lip Mission in Hermosillo each October. These children also tend to have dental needs and middle ear infections so they are referred to a dentist/orthodontist or to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, depending on their needs. Other children have hearing impairments, Down Syndrome, or developmental delays. We partner with the parents during our sessions so they can work with their children at home between visits. Mexican sign language is used with children having hearing impairments.